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Country Boy X Dream Cross

CH `PR` High Speed Country Boy x GRCH `PR` Clary's The Lady Of His Dreams

**If Dream is not sold by October this cross will still be made**

CH `PR` High Speed Country Boy
Owned By Elizabeth Dixon

GRCH `PR` Clary's The Lady Of His Dreams

As many of you know who followed this upcoming litter last year, Dream desided to miss her cycle. She never came in so this litter had to be postponed untill this year. Dream is due to come in around the middle of April (If she dosn't deside to miss again). We still plan on breeding her to Country Boy.
  As most of you know we have waited LONG & HARD from Dream to come into be bred to Country Boy. Dream has never been bred before ( Not to our knowing anyway) and Country Boy has produced 1 litter and our Bud is off of that litter ( See Bud's Page for more info.). Country Boy throws amazing hound looks into his pups, Beautiful bench ability, smarts, LOOKS, feet, color & build. We are VERY pleased with ourlittle Bud so far and he is only 4 months old. I belive COuntry Boy & Dream will make a very nice cross. Everything 1 dosn't have, the other one does have. Dream is not a very big female but Country Boy  will make up for that. Dream is one of our most sucessful females we have here as far as Benching. Dream has not been shown in a while do to me showing Mandy but Dream will be back in the ring soon.
  For more information on Country Boy please contact Elizabeth Dixon at (434)-454-7997 or visit her website at
For information on Dream I can be reached at (434)-532-5624 or (434)-848-2953 or please visit Dreams Page here.

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