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GRCH `PR` Little Rivers Hillbilly Jed


Jed wins Overall Grand Champion Male at the 2007 Youth Nationals

                         GRCH `PR` Little Rivers Hillbilly Jed

GRCH `PR` Little Rivers Hillbilly Jed
Owned By David Sanderson

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            Name: GRCH `PR` Little River's Hillbilly Jed
                      UKC Grand Show Champion
                              AKC Registered
                     Owned By: David Sanderson
                     Handled By: Bridgette Clary
            I absolutly without question LOVE Jed to death!!! He is one of the best Plott hounds I have ever seen. Not only is he a breath taking show hound he is also put to the test in the woods, and he isnt afraid to go belly up on the wood.  I have handled Jed in numerouse different shows with all different judges and all of them have told me many times over what a beautiful hound Jed is.
         I honestly never thought that Jed & I would bond the way we did because we both have our own way of doing things. And most of the time, his results in the hard way were I want to go the easy way, if I can. But somehow we manage to meet in the middle making us a great team. I cant say enough how gorgeouse Jed really is, Beautifull conformation, head, ear set, muscle, angulation, structure & bone.
                      And did I mention his color? I LoVe his color. I never did like a all over Plott, BUT Jed honestly changed my mind.  Next to Colonel, Jed is one hound who will always have a place in my heart!

2007 SETWA Youth Championship

                       Please contact David Sanderson for infromation on Jed

`Where Beauty & Brains R 1 N The Same`

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