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GRCH `PR` Clary's Midnight Mandy X CH `PR` Vaughan's Blue Lightnin' 2

       ** UPDATE **
On 2-2-08 Mandy gave birth to 11 beautiful puppies. Sadly we lost 7 of them, and at the risk of loosing the last 4, I was forced to take them away from her. Now, we are bottle feeding the bundles of joy & watching them grow like weeds.Its proving to be a difficult task, but well worth it. Please check back here soon for updates & pictures of Fallon, Jade,Snoopy & Milkdud!

With my old girl pushing 6 years I figured it was time to breed her and get another blue prospect to fool with. I have been serching for a long time for a male to breed to my baby but wasnt succesfull untill i wondered across Lightning. I rode along with Lefty for a visit to Bud one afternoon and as soon as we pulled in the yard we rode past the kennels and I spotted Lightning right off. He was stretched up on his kennel looking. He was so gorgeouse, I made Lefty stop right then and let me out. As soon as I stepped out the truck he let out a deep bawl and I was inlove. I had to take a closer look at him. He was standing very strong and proud over awesome cat feet. But Lightning isnt just a show hound, he is first and formost a hunting dog, just what I was looking for. A hound that can do it both ways. I am patiently awaiting Mandy's heat cycle and when she comes In she will be taken to Buds house. I am so excited abought some blue babys!!
  I will not be booking these pups because Mandy has never been bred before and I dont know wether to expect a large or small litter and I dont want to dissapoint anyone. THESE PUPS WILL BE TO GOOD HOMES ONLY with people who will be showing & hunting them. I am planning on keeping a Male & Female and Bud will be keeping a pup aswell.
For more information call
Information On Mandy:
Bridgette Clary
# 434-532-5624
# 434-848-2953
Information On Lightning:
Bud Vaughan
# 252-492-9646

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