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2007 WIns

                                        Combined 2007 Wins

11/11/07- Best Of Breed, Best Male, Best Of Winners & Group 2nd (Bud) -Mid-Atlantic All Breed Show-
10/20/07- Grand Champion Male (Jed) -Southern Virginia Fall Classic-
10/20/07- Best Junior Walker Female (Jane) -Southern Virginia Fall Classic-
10/13/07- Grand Champion Male, Best Plott Male Of Show, King Of Show (Jed) -Southern Virginia Plott Sectional-
10/6/07- Class & Breed, Best Male Of Show (Bud) -SETWA Youth Championship-  
10/6/07- Class & Breed (Jane) -SETWA Youth Championship-
10/6/07- Grand Champion Male (Jed) -SETWA Youth Championship-
8/11/07- Grand Champion Male (Jed) -Cokesbury Coon Club-
7/28/07- Grand Champion Plott Male & Overall Grand Champion Male (Jed) -2007 Youth Nationals-
7/28/07- Class & Breed (Bud) -2007 UKC Youth Nationals-
6/23/2007- Class, Breed, Best Male Of Show, King Of Show, 2007 Pa State Youth Reserve Show Champion (Bud) 2007 Pa State Youth
6/23/2007- Grand Champion Female (Mandy) 2007 Pa State Youth
4/28/2007- 2nd Place Registered (Star) VA State Youth
4/28/2007- Champion Male & 2007 Virginia State Youth Bench Show Overall Champion (Jed) VA State Youth
4/7/2007- Champion Female (Rose) Stoney Creek Coon Club Invitational Show
4/7/2007- Champion Male (Junior) Stoney Creek Coon Club Invitational Show
3/3/2007- Champion Male (Junior) Dinwiddie RQE **Handled By David Sanderson**
3/3/2007- Grand Champion Female (Mandy) Dinwiddie RQE
2/10/2007- Champion Female (Rose) TWB&FA Walker Sectional- Redoak
2/10/2007- Champion Male & King Of Show (Junior) TWB&FA Walker Sectional-Redoak
1/20/2007- Grand Champion Male (Tor) Cumberland
1/20/2007- Class, Breed, Best Female Of Show (Rose) Cumberland

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