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GRCH 'PR' Clary's The Lady of His Dreams

~~Dream is now in Indiana with new co-owner Tricia Snedegar~~

GRCH `PR` Clary's The Lady Of His Dreams

She's All You Ever Wanted, And More!!

                       Name: GRCH `PR` Clary's The Lady Of His Dreams
                                    UKC Grand Show Champion
                                          AKC Registered
                         Owned By: Bridgette Clary & Tricia Snedegar
                         Bred By: Ashley Beaver

Dream & Country Boy
Best Treeing Walker Pair & Overall Pair Winners

UPDATE 8/25/2006- Dream wins her last Champion Female win at the 2006 Old Dominion Classic Childrens Benefit Hunt!! Way to go on making GRCH Girl, Youve Earned It!!
UPDATE 5/13/2006- Dream grabs another Champion win along with Pairs w/ Country Boy(See Pic Above) at the 2006 Washington D.C. Youth Championship against some nice competition. ONLY 1 MORE CHAMPION WIN TO MAKE MY `Dream Come True` A GRAND SHOW CHAMPION!!!
UPDATE 10/22/2005 - Dream picks up another Champion win at the 1st Annual Southern Virginia Fall Classic!
UPDATE!!!- Dream picks up 2 Champion(Friday & Saturday) wins at the Old Dominion Classic Childrens Benefit Hunt in Danville. THIS WAS A PURINA POINTS EVENT!!
               CH `PR` Clary's The Lady Of His Dreams (Dream) came to us from A  Dream Come True Kennels.  For about 5 or 6 months, I co-owned Dream with Ashley Beaver until one Sunday morning when I got the shock of my life!  I was handed the papers, signed by Ashley, of my "dream" dog by my best friend, Lefty. I was soooo happy I didn't know what to do.  He bought her for me.  Ashley and Lefty had been scamming ever since the NC State Youth show.  Mom, Dad, David, Esther, Ashley, and Matt all knew what was going on.  I was the only one left out.  I started feeling frustrated and mad because I thought David had sold them Colonel, I wouldn't even speak to him.  Imagine how stupid I felt when he handed me her papers! 
        Dream is the FIRST Walker female that we have housed here.  After seeing what amazing hounds her sire and dam are, I knew I had to bring her here.  Dream is one of the best females we have here and has earned her stay more than once.  She is a supreme example of the Walker breed.  She loves attention and loves even more to please me in the show ring.  Like her name, she is a dream to handle.  It is a privilege to own her and we will stand behind her no matter what.  Look for Dream in the winner's circle through the rest of 05 and into 06. 
Thanks Lefty For Making My Dream Come True!!!

Dream finishing to a Show Champ!
Class Winner @ 2005 Youth Nationals

Dream's First Champion Female Win
Now on to Grand Champion...

Mom & Dad
GRCH `PR` Black Gold's First Lady & GRCH `PR` Cody's Good News Quick Draw

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`Where Beauty & Brains R 1 N The Same`

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