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`PR` CHK's Stack'em Up Dressed To Impress


Name: CHK's Stack'em Up Dressed To Impress
UKC/AKC Registered
Owned By: Bridgette Clary & Tricia Snedegar
Bred By: Monty York

This little guy also comes to us from Breeder/Handler Monty York with his littermate sister Cassy. We were only supposed to be getting Cassy, but when I laid eyes on this little man I had to bring him home. He sports the same flashy colors as his sister with the same sweet sassy attitude aswell. He has the wonderful head peice of his mom along with a awesome set of feet.

Sire: 1991 UKC World Show Champion, NKC World Show Champion GRCH `PR` Cherry Creek Banjo Rick
Dam: GRCH `PR` Sound Off Shady Lady

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`PR` CHK's Stack'em Up Dressed To Impress
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~~~~~~~~GRCH `PR` Little Walnut Tammy's Honey Bee Edit Text

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