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`PR` CHK's Bionic Night Bandit

                      (Rat's Night Bandit X Misty Hollow Princess)


Name: `PR` CHK's Bionic Night Bandit
(PKC SCH Rat's Night Bandit X PKC CH Misty Hollow Princess)
UKC Registered
PKC Registered & Super Staked

BB is our newest addition to the kennel, coming to us from Johhny Dalton & Misty Hollow Kennels. BB carries some of our favorite bloodlines, including the great Rat Attack. BB is one of the smartest pups ive ever owned, and is also one of the flashiest. He sports wonderfull rich colors, and my favorite, STOCKINGS down both front an back legs. Along with great looks and brains, BB brings a whole new batch of ability to the table! As a 14 week old puppy, BB sailed on his first dead coon shown to him and went to town. He also has one of the fastest chop mouths ive ever heard on a pup. This one is really going to be something when he grows up!



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`Where Beauty & Brains R 1 N The Same`

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